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Potted Plant Rental

Potted Plant Rental

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Indulge in our plant rental services for your upcoming event. Our plants are on trend and potted in modern vessels to compliment any space.

Available in 5 sizes:

  1. Mini : 2” pot/ overall height with plant 2-4”

  2. Small: 4” pot/ Overall height 6-10”

  3. Medium: 8” pot/ Overall height approx 18"-24”

  4. Large: 10” pot / Overall height approx. 3ft

  5. Extra Large: 10” pot/ Overall Height approx 4ft-5ft

* Vessel may vary, will consist of clean designs in either white or concrete, weaved basket.

Specific plant requests are able to be made in checkout. We will do our best to accommodate, but we do not guarantee availability.

Delivery must be added as separate item in shop. Please fill out delivery information in Checkout.

Option to purchase available, rental price will be deducted from full price.

Photo Credit: Filosophi Planning (1-3)

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