Our Little Flower Company


"I have found among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul..."- Maya Angelou

Features Overview

It's crazy simple; it's all about LOVE. We strive to create a business that is inclusive, supportive and shares what's beautiful about this world - all through flowers. We believe flowers are the catalyst for things that we consider so important; the act of giving, appreciation, and creativity.

Bouquet Delivery

Fresh Flowers

We source and receive fresh flower deliveries from local and imported growers throughout the week. Custom-built coolers in our shop assure that the flowers maintain ultimate freshness 24/7. Everyone has the freedom to visit us and pick whichever flowers they would like. We'd be more than happy to help as well! 

Vased Floral Arrangement


At the end of the day, we want everyone that walks through our doors to walk out smiling! In shop, we can offer flowers by the stem or design a bouquet that spans all budgets. We will inform you about when and where we get our flowers, what will last you the longest, and what purchase will best meet your requirements.

Handmade Salal Garland

Zero Waste Island

We used to have a garbage bin - but we realized it not only took up space and added to our footprint - so now we recycle! Granville Island has adopted several new initiatives that allow us to compost any flower cuttings while also giving us the ability to recycle the soft plastics, metal, and paper that tend to plague the flower industry. 

Wedding Flower Colour Pallet

Online weddings

Wedding arrangements are now available online! Similar to how we previously worked with our brides, online wedding arrangments take out the guesswork and need for back and forth communication. Choose what you like - price tag attached. We help our clients get the most out of their planning stages - because if we learned anything - time is of the essence!

Shari & Mike Photography

Shari & Mike Photography

Custom Weddings

We love being creative and getting our clients excited to go through the process of planning. We have worked along side many of the best in the industry and have fostered wonderful relationships. We've learned what works best for  venues as well as how to get the most out of your budget for the greatest impact. 

Vancouver Florist Studio

Our Roots

Five years ago, OLFCO was started by cousin's Erin & Kerstyn. It began with the growing of flowers in a backyard, then changed to becoming an open studio in Delta, and finally - with the stars aligned - OLFCO opened up shop at the Granville Island Market. It continues to grow better day by day - thanks to its amazing staff, clients, and the surrounding community.