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These Bouquets Will Make You Fall In Love with Carnations

Carnation Inspiration

Its been a mission of ours to have people fall in love with carnations again. Once an 80’s one hit wonder, these blooms are forever haunted by their cheap cost, stark colours and ability to last longer than most flowers. While those things still hold true, its partnered with some incredible new varieties that are starting to gain traction, happily!

Most people are pretty vocal about the flowers they don’t like. To be honest, we were too until we started working in the floral industry. Those flowers low on our love it list were quickly making their way up to the top. Quite often, customers would stipulate that we were to not use carnations in their arrangements to then be surprised that their photo inspirations contained them more often than not.

Some florists still shy away from these little beauties, so if your local florist doesn’t have any in stock, they most likely can bring some in if you ask! Typically they range from $1-$3 per stem depending on the variety and come in standard carnation or spray form. .

We have gathered a few of our favourite bouquets to ease you into the future of floral design and hopefully appreciate one of the most misunderstood flowers just a little bit more!

  1. Snippet & Ink

Below is a guide to some beautiful varieties of Carnations. Not all are always available, but if you give one as a reference, your florist can most likely accommodate.

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