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Courtney & Steve | The Permanent

Courtney & Steve

August 6th, 2016


Ahhhh! Courtney & Steve....we met these two at our Delta Location, early in the game. It was a great match and we all clicked  right away. To say these two are a chill couple is an understatement. We didn't hear a single peep out of them till as close to a wedding as you can get. Courtney was a sweet as can be, just checking in and wondering if everything is all ready to go! No panic, no questions, no nothing. A florists dream, really. 

They were working with one of our favourite decor peeps - Ashton from Bespoke, at one of our favourite venues - The Permanent, and a rad photographer - Sara Rogers (something about that bouquet photo, its probably our favourite to date) and a whole set of amazing vendors. Our set up and deliveries were the calmest I think they've ever been, and we're pretty calm to begin with. If this wedding was a spa experience, we left with an hour massage, a facial, mani and pedis and ready to take on the rest of the day. It was just what we needed.  

It was our bouquet delivery to the girls that we'll remember. We knocked on the door to their apartment, to be greeted by her bridesmaids, all dressed in adorable matching silk PJs, and clearly having a great morning. Typically, we're in and out, not wanting to disturb the morning rituals, like little worker elves behind the scene almost never to be seen, except one of the bridesmaid's caught us before we left. Courtney had wanted to see us but she was just in the bathroom - it was an adorable sight to see. She was in full swing hair and makeup, clearly pre-occupied and couldn't leave to come see the flowers. She had gotten one of her bridesmaids to take a picture on their phone to show her. When we popped our heads in door, where she peeked through her hair, exclaimed she loved them so much she wanted to make sure she to say hi and thank us personally. 

I'm not sure she knows- because its just clearly in her nature- but moments like that mean a great deal to us. At the end of the day you can put in all the time and effort but if your bride doesn't like it and your customers aren't happy, it means nothing. Her thoughtfulness for even that split second is what drives us, first and foremost. 

So to Courtney & Steve...Congrats! We wish you all the best! 

Ps. Their wedding was featured on realweddings.com...wahoo!


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Alouette Styled Shoot



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Cindy & Adrian | Famee Furlane of Vancouver

Cindy & Adrian

October 13, 2016

This was our first introduction into Famee Furlane, which we have now dubbed a hidden gem. Completely unassuming and tucked away in a residential street, Erin and I arrived to set up Cindy & Adrian's wedding both thinking we might be at the wrong place. Doors were locked and no one was answering our multiple knocks of desperation, until we went to triple check all of our notes to confirm that this was the place, someone greeted us and let us in. After explaining that we were the flower girls there to set up, we were led up stairs. Through the doors, up a flight and around the corner we found ourselves in a  ballroom of the grandest proportions! 20+ ft ceilings with widows that spanned either side from top to bottom and long flowing rose curtains, how did that fit in the building we pulled up to 10 minutes ago! - It was perfect. The woman who was showing us around was saying how they were hoping to renovate and get rid of the 'dusty pink' curtains but Erin & I (both super partial to anything dusty rose) thought why??! Cindy's vision to incorporate the dark burgundy and pinks couldn't have complimented the venue more, it showcased the awesomness that is Famee Furlane. Which couldn't have made us any happier. 

Typically we meet our couples 1-2 times during the planning process and chat over e-mail and phone throughout the months prior. You get to know them on a certain level; how they met, how they see themselves as a couple and what they want their loves ones to take back from their wedding. We see how they interact and the excitement, nervousness and happiness that comes along with planning a wedding. BUT one of the best parts, is the behind the scenes. When we go to set up, a lot of the decor details have already been put in place, many this includes the welcoming table where many couple share pictures of themselves when they were children, when they first met - pretty much a Coles Notes version of their lives from the start to present in pictures. It is honestly the cutest; baby pictures, the awkward high school years, first dates! Cindy and Adrian went next level cuteness and had fun fact cards about themselves on each table. It just make you fall in love with the fact you get to do flowers for your couple even more. 

We just recently received a thank you card in the mail (No. 1 underrated thing in the world, just behind flowers in the bathroom) which made us want to share this perfect October wedding with you. Her dress is stunning, his tux is sharp as can be and Simply Rose Photography captured it all perfectly. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your wedding, it was such a pleasure to work with you both. 

Ps. That colour pallet is now officially referred to as the Cindy G pallet ;) 

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Carmi & Aaron | Hart House

Carmi & Aaron

July 31st, 2016


This post HAD to open with that gorgeous picture of Carmi & Aaron. Everything about it screams love, and although we never met Aaron you could feel it just through our meetings with Carmi. Clearly a beautiful day, captured by the lovely Sarah from ALBA photography (ahhh...her colours!), their wedding was so fun to plan and will always have a special part in Olfco's journey.

The wedding takes place at Hart House Restaurant, a lovely venue that offers up a bright tent with plenty of room, providing a blank canvas that leads the way for so many possibilities - the incredible weather allowed for a beautiful outdoor ceremony which had all the right touches; the greens, the wood from the Chuppah...her dress...his suit! Her vision was organic greenery with classic hints of whites, but totally went for the pop of colour in her bridal- It was perfect. When she turned the corner and walked down the aisle to her groom the whole scene just embodied what everyone was feeling...happiness.

Half a year has passed and we have gotten some surprise visits from the couple since the wedding and we hope they keep coming. Congrats to you both and we can't wait to see the wonderful things marriage has in store for you!

Ps. They also had one of my favourite hashtags to date. Hinting at her name change #fromgoldtopearl, so clever.

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Real Wedding Feature | Vancouver Convention Center

Jessica & Phil

August 5th, 2016


What a wonderful surprise! This wedding was such a blast, magazine or not our hearts were full with how it went down. Everything came together in such a perfectly choreographed dance, it was a sight to see. Our mama/aunty came along and was such a boss in helping us with the the installation and logistics, we want her at every wedding (WE LOVE YOU! IF YOU'RE READING THIS!!) The table layout is our favourite to date, a mix of long & round made for a super cute X's & O's pattern which is super appropriate for a wedding in every way. The subtle details are always where its at, not everyone will notice, but those who do will always remember.

An incredible shout out to Corinne from Filosophi Events. She transformed the Vancouver Convention Center into an incredibly intimate venue. When you got to the top floor, you walked down a huge, open and bright hallway. It was so beautiful but had so much space you had a tough time thinking 'wedding', until you rounded the corner to be greeted with a beautiful blush draping that reminded me of the door to the secret garden. When you walked through, a feeling something incredible would be there to greet you and transport you to another world swept over you and that it did!

Melissa from cahoots nailed to execution of that vision and we are always so lucky to work with her.

Also, flower ceilings are where its at. If you can do it, please do it. The first one we had ever done was at Erin's wedding 7 years ago in my parents back yard. Flowers covered the walkway that led you to backyard by the side of the house and I think we hung out there most of the night, its just cozy, and organic, and different. There are super cost effective ways of achieving that look and where there is a will there is a way and we make it happen. Because...ceilings made of flowers. YES PLEASE!

Every vendor involved was such a pleasure to work with, even though you don't always see everyone involved because you're either behind the scenes or at the wedding, everyone is connected in one way or another, and it all came to light when Blush Weddings sent us their beautiful photos!

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Katie & Sean | Bottega, Kelowna BC


AUGUST 27, 2016

From one of our first and most faithful customers to one of the most memorable brides, Katie, booked us as fresh florists so far in advanced that when the date finally came we almost couldn't believe it. Her faith in our abilities at a time when you're so new you're in a constant state of proving yourself, she was a breath of fresh air. Both of us will remember clearly, probably for the rest of our lives, her sweet voice over the phone saying "you girls just need to do what you do, its your art, I TRUST YOU...but I do want a big a** bouquet!'. With that, we wanted to do whatever we could to make this wedding the wedding of her dreams.

Side Note: The Groom, Sean, and I were definitely in Jesus Christ Superstar back in high school, together. Afraid he might not remember me out of my disciple get-up I re-introduced myself leading with that very fact. I'm sure he loved it.

This wedding would take place in Kelowna BC at Botegga at the tail end of summer. The property: a dream guesthouse on 13 acres greeted by -no joke- an Alpaca farm, which will become of love of yours that you never knew you had. It had 10 rooms that overlooked the property in which we were invited to stay in the night before; just an small example of how thoughtful this family is. So we packed everything in one of our fancy and super cool station wagons (just one cause there was no way were were making a 6 hour trip and not be able to hang out) and set out for an amazing weekend.

So thankful to have been a be a part of this and to work with some incredible vendors; some old, some new but all incredible. To Katie & Sean, we wish you all the love in the world! Without further ado, the wedding of Katie and Sean... Enjoy.


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Just came across this adorable wedding. It will be almost a year since Maya & Aaron tied the knot, but we still remember it clear as ever. We got a last minute e-mail from a bride hoping to get flowers her wedding, we were technically closed for the holidays but she was so kind and something was telling us we had to do it, we're so glad we did. So beautiful.

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